Admission to the Master of Science in Athletic Training (MS-AT) Program is a competitive process, with both qualitative and quantitative aspects of applications being reviewed by the program in comparison to the current applicant pool. Students interested in attending Appalachian State University and pursuing a career in athletic training are encouraged to complete a bachelor's degree and prerequisite courses and then apply to the MS-AT program at the graduate level. Anticipated MS-AT prerequisite-friendly majors include: Exercise Science, Public Health, Psychology, Health & Physical Education, Nutrition, and others.

Application Deadlines

Traditional Applicants

  • February 1 - Applicants are encouraged to submit their Athletic Training Centralized Application System (ATCAS) applications before Feb. 1.

Accelerated Master's Applicants

  • February 1 - Summer Session 1 Admission

Traditional Application Process

This application process is intended for students applying with a bachelor's degree or currently in their final year of their bachelor's degree.

  1. Submit formal application through the Athletic Training Central Application System (ATCAS).
    Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis. Applications will be considered and undergo a holistic review as received.

  2. Applicant notification of admissions team request for applicant interview.

  3. Applicant notification of recommendation for application to the Graduate School.
    Only those applicants recommended for Graduate School admittance will be required to complete the Graduate School application. Applicants should not apply to the Graduate School until they have been notified by the Program Director.

Accelerated Master's Applicant

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science at App State may choose to pursue Accelerated Master's and apply for admittance into the MS-AT program. This program is academically rigorous and requires significant advanced planning.  Accelerated Master's applicants must:

  1. Contact Dr. Jennifer Howard, Accelerated Master's Coordinator, as early as possible in your undergraduate career for program information and to discuss course sequencing.
  2. Submit a complete application to the Graduate School by Feb. 1 of the Spring semester prior to starting graduate coursework. (Accelerated Master's applicants do not need to complete an ATCAS application.)

Applicants will be notified if the admissions team requests an interview.

Application Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree from accredited college or University (may be in progress at time of application but must be complete prior to enrollment).
  • Official GRE scores (within 5 years), unless waived
    • GRE Scores may be waived if you have an undergraduate GPA of 3.25 or higher; AND a GPA of 3.25 in prerequisite courses.
  • Three letters of reference, with at least one from a faculty member and one from a licensed healthcare provider (e.g. athletic trainer, physical therapist, physician assistant, nurse, etc.)
  • Forty hours of clinical observation/shadowing under the direct supervision of a Certified Athletic Trainer. You are advised to observe a variety of activities, events, and athletic training settings.
  • Personal Statement providing (1) insight into what is involved in becoming and practicing as an Athletic Trainer; (2) the applicant's reflection on observation hours obtained; (3) the applicant's professional goals and how the MS-AT will achieve those goals; and (4) if the applicant is interested in research, it should include the faculty member(s) with whom the applicant is most interested in working
  • Interview (in-person or web-based)
  • Completion of required prerequisites These may be in progress at time of application but must be complete prior to enrollment.  

Prerequisite Courses

Appalachian’s equivalent course descriptions can be found in the University Undergraduate Bulletin:

  • Biology (animal-based), 3-4 credits with lab (BIO 1801 or equivalent)
  • Chemistry, 3-4 credits with lab (CHE 1101/1110 or equivalent)
  • Physics, 4 credits with lab (PHY 1103 or equivalent)
  • Human anatomy, 4 credits with lab (ES 2040 or equivalent)
    • When anatomy and physiology are taken as a combined course, two semesters are necessary to meet this requirement.
  • Human physiology, 4 credits with lab (ES 2050 or equivalent)
    • When anatomy and physiology are taken as a combined course, two semesters are necessary to meet this requirement.
  • Exercise physiology, 3 credits (ES 3002 or equivalent)
  • Biomechanics OR Kinesiology, 3 credits (ES 3550 or equivalent)
  • Statistics, 3 credits (STT 2810 or equivalent)
  • Psychology, 3 credits (PSY 1200 or equivalent)

Reach out to the program director for questions on course equivalency. You may also use our University’s course equivalency search.

*The program director reserves the right to request course syllabi to confirm course content or equivalency*